Sep 2012

Hair Extensions Safe for Thin, Fine, Damaged Hair

Rhonda’s Testimonial for West Coast Hair® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extensions

When I met Rhonda, I thought, This girl is beautiful! But I could see that her hair needed help.

She has this terrible disease, called Lupus, which means she has to take medication and this medication has wrecked her hair! Her hair has become brittle and thin and weak. She was desperate for a solution.

She began to wear clip-in hair extensions which were terrible for her hair!

Because she wore them continuously and even slept in them (a big no no!) they pulled at the same hairs and caused these little bald spots!

I was so glad to be able to help her using West Coast Hair®.

I explained to her how I created this very special hair extension bond to be gentle on the hair. I did this so that hair extensions could be worn by those of us with thin, fine, and processed hair and worn more permanently, overnight and in the shower. So we always had the beautiful hair on our head with the hair extensions, for many months, without any fuss.

Like Rhonda’s, my own hair had so much damage when I started, but over a period of a few years, I had grown my hair longer and fuller and even while wearing my hair extensions!

Rhonda was excited to try them. And, as I guessed she would, she loved them! She’s continued to wear the hair extensions and her hair has seen so much improvement over the many installations of the hair extensions over the past couple years. I have pics from Rhonda’s first year wearing the safe, non-damaging hair extension system here.)

I am so glad West Coast Hair® was able to help Rhonda get back the hair she so desperately wanted!


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