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When this particular client came to me for hair extensions, she was pretty upset with what hair extension had done to her hair in the past. She had fusion hair extensions just before she came to me and it "tore her hair out," she said.

Not knowing why or what happened with the hair extensions she wore in the past, I could only share with her what I knew about the hair extension product I created. My experience is not in fusion hair extensions but my expertise is in the product and hair extension technique I created and that gives me a lot of confidence to assure her the soft bonds will not harm her hair at all, and ever.

Here is this client's hair when she first came to me for hair extensions. Before her 12 week hair extension installation.

Hair growth before wearing hair extensions

And here is this client's hair growth after her 12 week hair extension installation. She was very excited to see the growth that occurred in her hair while she wore my soft bond hair extensions.

Hair growth after wearing hair extensions

Here are the photos for this client before her 3rd WEST COAST HAIR® hair extension installation.


The growth and fullness after just a year of hair extension installs is amazing, isn't it?

While wearing WEST COAST HAIR® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extensions:

1.) You can wash your hair less, allowing your body's natural oils to nourish your scalp and hairs, especially new hairs which will grow pin stronger and healthier.
2.) You can style your natural hairs less often resulting in less heat damage to the hairs.
3.) The extensions allow you to process your hair less often (while still looking great) which means less damage to the cuticle resulting in less breakage and snapping.

And those are just a few reasons your hair will grow longer and thicker while wearing WEST COAST HAIR® hair extensions. There are more and we share them all with you during your hair extension installation. You will be so happy that you can look great and not harm your hair!


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