Natural Hair Extensions in Fine, Thin Hair

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Rhonda's hair was trashed through the side effects of a medication she was taking for Lupus, a terrible disease she has and hair extensions became her only salvation for her hair.

The disease, Lupus, and the meds she had to take for it ultimately took away all her beautiful long hair and left her completely devastated. A friend of hers introduced her to me )although I'd been watching her from across the dance floor for a while. Bad weaves ALWAYS catch my eye. I can't help it, I'm trained to see them and they become, for me, like my eye has caught some kind of wreck on the side of the road, it's just something I can't pass on by.)

Anyway, so I watched her crappy mass of clip-ins bop around as she did her sexy thing on the dance floor and thought to myself, I have to fix her hair. This is when her friend approached me.

"I've been telling Rhonda about your hair extensions. She sleeps in these clip-in hair extension things and they are ripping on her hair."

Rhonda seems encouraged at the idea there might be a better way to wear hair extensions. And this is because there absolutely is. I go on to explain my hair extension product, how it uses no glues or fusion but uses the strand-by-strand method which allows for the longest, most comfortable and versatile hair extension wear on the market today.

"You know how you can never wear your hair up without your clip-in weave showing through your hair?" I ask her.

"Yeah," she nods with a look every weave wearer has since knows how much easy hair wear she's missing out on without the ability to throw her hair up for the gym or a dip in the hot tub.

"Well, look at this," and I proceed to take my 22 inches of long blonde hair up to the highest point of my head, kinda creating a crown slash messy bun. "Impressive, right? Can you see my hair extension attachments?"

"No, not at all," she tells me as she looks closely at my head. My explanation to this already starting...

"It's because I have created these blending, little soft bonds which become so discreet in the natural hair. My hair extension product allows me to create some of the discreetest hair extension results in the world! How would you like to try them?"

And so fate happened that day and no more metal clips were going to be ripping at Rhonda's hair ever again. She's happy with her West Coast Hair® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extensions and I'm happy she's happy and all the eyes watching her on the dance floor today must be happy seeing such a beautiful girl with long, gorgeous hair shake her cute, little booty with confidence. Take that Lupus!


1.) This was the picture I took before our very first installation of West Coast Hair®. There were bald spots from where the clip in hair extensions had pulled out her hair. Note to all! Wear clip in hair extensions ONLY during the day. They are not to be sleeping in!

2.) 3-4 months later you can see Rhonda's hair has grown a little longer and more importantly filled in over those bald spots caused by the clip in hair extensions.

3.) A third installation of hair extensions and here is the before! Amazing growth while wearing the safe WCH hair extensions and look at the fullness! Proven safe and damage-free hair extensions from Tiffany Twist. Use this form here to get your WEST COAST HAIR® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extensions installed today!

I will show you her after pictures, too. She is beautiful with her long hair extensions! I tell her she's beautiful without them, too but she just scoffs at that :)



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